Creating a Service on weenja

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Creating a Service on weenja

Creating a Service on weenja

The service you offer and sell on weenja marketplace is an opportunity to showcase your talent to potential buyers, and to provide them with all the information they may need before they choose to hire you.

Creating and editing your service


To create a service:

  1. Log in > ProfilePost a Service

Step 1: Service overview

Service Category


  • Select the appropriate category, choose carefully and ensure that the category matches the services you’re providing.


Service Title

  • Make sure that your title is short, clear, and to the point
  • Buyers should recognize the type of service that you offer immediately

Service Delivery

  • Choose the duration/time in which you can deliver the service. Example: tailoring a suit in 5 days

Step 2: Scope and pricing


  • Select a price for your service

Addon Services



You have the option to deliver your service and charge accordingly.

Step 3: Description and FAQ

  • Briefly describe your service.
  • Be as detailed as possible so buyers are able to determine if your Gig meets their needs.
  • Add answers to the most commonly asked questions (limit of 8 FAQs)
  • Your FAQs are displayed on your service page


To add FAQ:

  1. Click Add FAQ > Add a question you think buyers may ask.
  2. Provide your answer.
  3. Click Add > Save & Continue.

Step 4: Gallery

Note: You can upload files up to 5GB

ImagesTo be published, services must have at least one image uploaded:

  1. Drag an image/ Browse > Select image.

General image guidelines:

  • Upload up to 5 images that represent your service
  • Images can be samples of your work
  • All images should be owned by you
    Don’t use copyrighted images or images downloaded from the internet—or your service won’t be approved.




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